Monday, 12 July 2010


After working hard last we week ,we decided to go camping over the weekend .This are kind of adventure you will always leave to remember and curse .From Nairobi to the campsite was 80 miles but four hour drive this is because of the bad roads in Kenya .We left Nairobi at around four PM thinking we will be doing 80 mile per hour later to find out we have to do 40 mile per hour .Arriving at campsite when the dark has fallen is the last thing you will need to happen to you .The beautiful ladies who had accompany us decided to go to strike and the men were doing the cooking . Below are some pictures which I took

Bogo and Ali having some of backfired break first which was cooked by me after of course after burning the eggs three times .

Boys under control after the girls refused to cook and we have a learned a lesson .Sports cars my freind call them

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